Happy Canada Day!

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Happy Canada Day!

Much has happened in the past six months, since we last connected. When a door closes, another one always opens. Last month, I participated in an international conference on volunteerism in China.

On the home front Andrew Coyne and I have been debating the corruptibility of prime ministers in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver as part of a series entitled The History Wars. Calgary is our next stop. Next week, I am off to Quebec City to participate in the annual conference of the Quebec English School Boards Association. I write weekly for the Hill Times and have recently begun contributing to a unique Globe and Mail column on office politics.

On the business front, I am currently sitting on the international advisory board of Datawind, the Montreal-based company that has produced the world’s least expensive computer. They want to bridge the digital divide and I hope to help. This week, I was also honoured to be named Special Advisor to Vancouver-based Skanderbeg Capital.

On the voluntary front, I am still working on my Haiti project. As President of the National Press Club Foundation, I am also fundraising in support of journalism scholarships.

On the leisure front, my husband, Austin and I have just purchased a vacation property in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, which we hope to rent out. The unit is a two-story penthouse right on the beach in Nuevo Vallarta (a 10 minute cab ride from the airport).

Via my website, I hope to update you periodically.  If you want to unsubscribe, no hard feelings.  New visitors, you can subscribe to my newsletter on the right column of the page.

Meanwhile, remember how blessed we are to live in this wonderful country. Celebrate today!