August Update

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What a great Olympic run for Canada!  The country was riveted on our women’s soccer story, from the lows to the highs.  That last-minute goal for Bronze was the icing on the cake.  Our medalists, and those who marked so many personal bests made these Olympics absolutely unforgettable.

As summer closes, it is time to get back to work.  I am happy to embrace a new challenge.  Mary Pynenburg, the dynamic president of the National Women’s Liberal Commission, has asked me to take over the reins of the Judy LaMarsh Fund.

With the support of the party executive team, young women founders of Beyond the Numbers, and our president Mike Crawley, the Judy Fund will be working to help fund more Liberal women in the next election. If you are interested in helping, please just send me an email and we will get you involved.

On the international front, I have just been asked to serve as a Member of the Governing Council of the Centrist Asia Pacific Democrats International (CAPDI).

CAPDI mobilizes mainstream moderates to work for good governance and fight corruption, campaign for the alleviation of mass poverty and the empowerment of youths, women and minority groups. It strives to protect human rights, promote democracy and ease the ill effects of environmental degradation.

On the home front, Austin and I have just purchased a fantastic waterfront condo in Mexico. It is also available for group rentals. To reserve, email me at

This fall will be a busy time.  I would love to hear from you.  We are trying to reach everyone so you may get duplicate messages.  To unsubscribe, just follow the link.

Happy Holidays and see you in September!